Cinnabar Valley Mission Statement The Mission of Cinnabar Valley Elementary is to provide an inclusive learning environment, which fosters the development of  Communication and application of knowledge and skills  Creativity and critical thinking  Personal awareness and social responsibility We believe education is the joint responsibility of staff, students and their families. We believe education will enable all students to become responsible citizens who will contribute effectively to the global community. Renewed and updated September 2016

Valley Virtue Tickets are our way of recognizing positive behaviour among our students at Cinnabar Valley Elementary.

We need young children who can think and act respectively, who value human life, and are able to make discerning decisions. It is our responsibility as guardians of these children to establish learning environments that foster positive behaviour and responsibility.



  • Positive Behaviour Matters!

  • If your child goes above and beyond or shows positive behaviour he/she could be rewarded with a  Valley Virtue Ticket.

    Check out our Positive Behaviour Expectations document to learn more about this initiative!